carFire Breathing
One of the oldest stunts being performed today, George has learned from some of the masters of the art, and has even written a book on the subject.  Fire-Breathing is possibly the most dangerous and potentially injurious art to be found in circus, theatre and street performing.

Jay Leno & George the GiantSword Swallowing
George uses a 33″ blade. He also swallows a steel plunger, the coat hanger of death, and many other odd objects. George appeared on the Jay Leno show.

Human Pin Cushion
The faint of heart be warned. Sharp needles are thrust through parts of The Giant’s anatomy.

Bear Trap
Putting fingers where even the bravest animals fear to tread.

Bile Dew
A liquid concoction is pumped into The Giant’s stomach, mixed up, then pulled right back up again… then served warm. Do the dew!

Glass Walking
Tender feet and broken glass… enough said.

Not your normal chip of the old block, the Giant enjoys a healthy round of concrete brick breaking. Across his chest, on his head, makes no difference to the big guy. He even holds the World Record for most bricks broken while laying on a bed of nails!

Crazy Straw
Straight up the nose, take a left at the sinus cavity, a sharp right at the uvula, right past the teeth, nothin but net. Step right up and enjoy an invigorating death-defying loop the loop of fun and laughter as you drink your choice of luke warm liquids by way of the Giant’s head. Enjoy!

Dry Ice Smoke Rings
Chunks of dry ice are tossed into George’s mouth. Seconds later smoke rings billow from his lips.

Escape Artist
Straight jacket with three Madagascar hissing cockroaches trapped inside his mouth, an Australian insane muff, and fifty feet of chain are but a few of the situations he liberates himself from.

Eye Lift
With 2 fish hooks, and a little weight, The Giant makes a face only a mother can love.

Bed of Nails
Also known as the “Bed of Pain,” George has mastered the art of holding over 1,500 lbs. while laying over 800 steel spikes! He also has burning cinder blocks on his chest smashed with a sledge hammer while laying on this bed of pain.

Block Head
Not much to say about this stunt except what you see is what you get. A seven inch spike is hammered into The Giant’s skull.

Glass Eating
Consuming a 60 watt bulb is but a light snack. (Ok, so it was a bad pun. But you know you laughed. Don’t deny it.)

Balloon Trick
This stunt defies description and never fails to amaze!

Living Feast
Eating live insects. He calls it “Garden Sushi.” You might say it’s gross, but you can’t stop watching him consume handfuls of vermin.

Staple Gun
Feel like the Giant deserves a tip? Make him earn it! (Just try to avoid any major arteries…)