About George

Not your average giant…

This is normally the part of a web site that we state how great George the giant is, we could tell you he appeared as Colossus in Tim Burton’s movie “Big Fish”, or mention the other three movies he has done (“Tough Luck”, “Firecracker”, or “Relative Strangers”), but we don’t want to sound presumptuous. That’s why we won’t mention his many television appearances, (“The Tonight Show,” “Touch By An Angel”, “The Guardian”, “The Strip”, or “According To Jim”). Not to mention his appearances on CNN, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Travel Channel.


George The Giant¬† was born and raised in a small city near Los Angeles called Bakersfield. When at the age of twelve he was taken to the county fair where he witnessed a sword swallower and fire-eater perform on the bally stage. George could barely believe what the human body could accomplish. We would love to say at that instant GEORGE THE GIANT was released upon the world, but that was not the case, it did start his love of the sideshow though. It wasn’t till George was twenty-one before he started to learn the sideshow art. That path was started when a family tragedy caused him to have a fear of fire. He decided he would overcome his fear the same way he overcame his fear of heights… head on. In the case of his fear of heights he bungee jumped, for this of fire, he would learn fire eating. While researching fire eating he discovered descriptions of other sideshow stunts and started learning them also.


George has had the opportunity to travel the world, from large stage to small town library events as a performer. He lives in Bakersfield, with his wife of 20+ years and continues to expand his craft in honor of the great performers and showmen that inspired him.